Tragic Holocaust history of Lieneke de Vries depicted

Robin Ruizendaal, director of a puppet theater museum in Taipei (Taiwan), visited the exhibition In Memoriam in Amsterdam.  Struck by the personal stories of murdered Jewish, Roma and Sinti children, he was especially taken by little Celine de Vries, nicknamed Lieneke, murdered in extermination camp Sobibor (1944).

Ruizendaal managed to contact one of the very few remaining descendants of the De Vries family: Sara, born in 1954.  And Sara provided a lot of information about her niece Lieneke and of her living memory.  With additional photographic material of other murdered children, Ruizendaal created dolls to depict the horrible tragedy of the murdered Jewish children in I have a name.

The film has since been shown in Jerusalem during a puppet festival, in Cape Town (South Africa) and in Taipei (Taiwan) during the International Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019. In the link below, I have a name

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