Powerful 2G performance by Sara de Vries

She initiated the upcoming Jewish Memorial Monument that will appear in Diemen, a neighbor city of Amsterdam. The mayor, aldermen and city council embraced the idea of honoring the Jews of Diemen who perished during the Holocaust.

Sara is one of the important voices of the 2G, second generation Jews in The Netherlands, born after WW2 and rightful heirs of the Holocaust survivors.

Sara points out in certain terms and without any doubt what the blackest page in modern history causes. One of the up till now silent, unheard voices who can tell humanity what genocidal evil and bystander behavior creates, long after victims fell silent, with survivors fading away. Sara is one of us and we are proud of her. Let it be clear to politicians and professionals that the Dutch 2G have found their voice, have a message and wish to be heard. We interpret history from an authentic and unknown perspective, passing on not only the message from our parents but understand better than anyone else what genocide causes in individuals. We commemorate our murdered relatives, call their names, lay stumbling stones, give lectures and see through hypocrisy. Israel is alive.


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