The Descendants of the Shoah Holland is a community of people (many 2G) with a proud Jewish identity, which is supportive amongst themselves.  One of their goals is generating attention for the Shoah by education. Not only emphasizing on persecution, death and destruction, but also focusing on Jewish Heritage and making it available and of interest to everyone.


The Descendants of the Shoah Holland is part of a worldwide movement. With the creation of this website The Dutch Descendants of the Shoah don’t want to stay invisible any longer. Anyone with a Jewish identity can show his/her strengths and encourage others to participate in activities such as education, travel and commemoration.

Fighting anti-Semitism? The Descendants of the Shoah is actively involved in the field of education; has (inter-)national (re) binding (s) with Jewish Heritage; is present at meetings of (inter-)national commemoration, visits (un) known places of persecution and genocide and other places that once had a living Jewish culture.


Join the movement by organizing / participating in activities that focus on the Shoah and its (long term and widespread) consequences. Share knowledge and expertise.  Explore with us those frightening (un) known places during travel(s). And keep an eye on the conference page, because science is not just for researchers. Follow Links for interesting and proven references and read at the News what individual Descendants concerns. But above all: come into contact with other Descendants via and use of the possibilities that offers!

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